Poison Apple is a UK based salon located in the small town of widnes, however don't be fooled this salon has a big city vibe with good connection links to Liverpool and Warrington.


Proud owners and best friends Kaytee & Emma created there dream Poison Apple in the middle of a global pandemic and although it was roller-coaster have created a stunning green paradise unlike any other salon around! It truly shows that's the darkest nights produce the brightest stars! 


The salon provides a whole range of hair and beauty services from hair, make up, brows and lashes to more clinical treatments such as facials, fillers and Botox and body sculpting. It's like an all you can eat buffet but for beauty fanatics, we have something for everyone!

Poison Apple is a good-vibe salon with game changing artists within the beauty industry. We are here to change the industry for good and throw that 'bitchy' salon stereotype in the trash and wave bye bye. 

Everybody is welcome, its place of no judgement just positive vibes and belly laughs only.  We believe nobody should ever be made to feel uncomfortable for who they are, we celebrate diversity and welcome individuality, we want you to show your pink feathers and be that flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Get a free motivational speech with every blow dry, A confidence boost with your make up and comedy sketch with your manicures and lashes.

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the baddest bitch of them all? yes, that’s you hunny! With our vast range of services we will having you looking and feeling like queen you are. If you’re a glow getter, we make you glow ! if you want world peace and boss brows, we got you! If you need big hair to match those big dreams, no problem! If you want to take a sip from the fountain of youth, it doesn’t exist, but our Botox and filler clinics do!


Our Beauty Hub offers everything!!!