Aesthetics Pracitioner

A R C H E D  A E S T H E T I C S 

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Peace and Pout is what our Plymouth Prin Jaz is all about ! 

Dental nurse by day and Lip saviour by night, Although Jaz loves A BIG BOLD lip she is professional through and through and believes not one sizes fits all, She works with her clients to create the lip goals they dream of, but to a safe and realistic standard.


Not all hero's wear capes, some wear scrubs and carrying a case filler. 

Gone are the days were diamonds are a girls best friends, who needs diamonds when you can have filler ! Jaz Also does subtle filler enhancements to the cheeks and jawline, She really is an all star. 

"they will never know " - au naturel or " Hey ken, want to go for a ride" - Russian style, Jaz is someone you can trust and is to the book with her aesthetics ! She is the Crème de la crème


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  • GDC registered nurse

  • Lip enhancements 

  • Cheek & chin filler 

  • jaw contouring